Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alexandra Burke is scared of dating

Alexandra Burke is scared of dating

The 'Bad Boys’ hitmaker – who has been linked to a string of famous men including members of boy band JLS and singer Peter Andre – is currently single because she never believes anyone who approaches her has honourable intentions.

She said: 'It’s hard not to be wary so when someone comes along I always put my guard up.

'I have to remember not to judge everyone because there are good people out there in the world.

'Although I have always convinced myself that there is never going to be a good person, there is. I need to be careful of not judging a book by its cover.'

The 21-year-old star insists it is more difficult for women entering into relationships because they form bonds with people quicker and more easily.

She explained to the Daily Star newspaper: 'Guys can walk around and meet loads of girls and they don’t really care. They don’t get emotionally attached – but girls really do.

'If you’re not ready for a girl to get emotionally attached to you then don’t go near them.'

Despite her fears, Alexandra recently admitted she would love to fall in love but is too busy.

She said: 'It’s ridiculous. I don’t have time to have a steady relationship. But if love comes knocking I’m not going to be one to say no.'

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