Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jessica Simpson targeted by PETA

Jessica Simpson targeted by PETA

Jessica Simpson has been targeted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for wearing snakeskin.

The singer-and-actress – who was recently photographed wearing a bag, jacket and shoes all made from animal skin – has been sent a video by the animal rights group urging her to change her ways and stop wearing outfits made from lizards, alligators and snakes.

In the video, actor Joaquin Phoenix says: "Did you know that mother snakes keep their eggs warm by wrapping their bodies around the eggs and then shivering to generate heat? Exotic animals are mostly unknown to us, and so is what they suffer before being turned into belts and bags?"

The campaign clip has also been sent to stars including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker and Paris Hilton.

This is not the first time PETA has attacked Jessica for her treatment of animals.

The American star recently said she was thinking of getting a pet pig to replace her dog Daisy, who was snatched by a coyote last year, and questioned whether she would have to give up eating pork.

In response, PETA said: 'Pigs, who are smarter than dogs and every bit as sensitive to pain and stress, don't belong in Jessica's stomach or carted around as her latest accessory."

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