Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cheryl Cole to meet Ashley for 15 minutes

Cheryl Cole to meet Ashley for 15 minutes

Cheryl Cole has agreed to meet with her husband Ashley Cole for just 15 minutes.

The 'Fight for This Love’ singer – who left her spouse last week over claims he has cheated on her with several different women - has given into the soccer player’s demands and agreed to meet with him to discuss his alleged infidelity.

According to The Sun newspaper, she told a friend: "I can't imagine what he's got to say to my face that he hasn't already left messages about. What's he going to tell me that I haven't heard before?"

However, the 26-year-old pop beauty is adamant she won’t succumb to his charms and forgive him when he visits their marital home next week.

A pal said: "Ashley has been begging her to give their marriage another chance but in her mind it is over. How can she ever trust him again?

"Cheryl has agreed to meet - but it will be short and not so sweet.

"I don't know what he is hoping to achieve because her mind is made up. I suppose she wants to give him the chance to explain face-to-face - but as soon as those 15 minutes are up she is going to ask him to leave."

Instead of dwelling about the end of her marriage, Cheryl was determined to focus on her career as she returned to work yesterday (01.03.10) to film a new shampoo advert for beauty giant L’Oreal.

An insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Ever the professional, she didn’t once break down or cry. She was polite and friendly to all the crew, and simply knuckled down. She said she realised she couldn’t keep cancelling work commitments and needed to get back to business. Working keeps her mind off her private life, and she enjoys being busy. Cheryl did a fantastic job and the shoot went brilliantly.'

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old sportsman has admitted his life is 'ruined' now Cheryl has left him.

The Chelsea player broke down outside the sports injury clinic in France, where he is receiving treatment for a broken ankle, and launched into a four-letter tirade against fans and onlookers.

Sporting an unkempt beard, Ashley shouted: 'Why don’t you just f**k off? F**k off – you’re scum. You’ve ruined my life.

'Why doesn’t everyone just leave me alone? I’m here trying to get treatment.'

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