Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ronnie Wood trying to stop the booze

Ronnie Wood trying to stop the booze

Ronnie Wood is taking anti-craving tablets to help him stop drinking.

The Rolling Stones rocker is reportedly taking one Campral tablet everyday to help him cope with the withdrawal symptoms as he attempts to reduce his alcohol intake.

Campral is the brand name for Acamprosate, which helps treat people with alcohol dependency by stopping neurotransmitters in the brain getting overexcited by alcohol withdrawal.

Apparently, the 62-year-old guitarist agreed to take the medication in a last-ditch effort to avoid being admitted to rehab.

A source said: 'Rehab is a last resort – he wants to do cold turkey himself.'

Ronnie – who has battled alcoholism for years - fell off the wagon in 2008, leaving his wife of 23 years Jo for now ex-girlfriend Katia Ivanova.

Katia later claimed their split in December 2009 was caused by his problems with alcohol.

At the weekend, it was reported the rocker had already entered a rehabilitation centre in south London after pleas from his concerned daughter Leah and his Rolling Stones bandmate Sir Mick Jagger.

However, reports now claim he only visited The Priory clinic for short time on Friday (29.01.10).

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