Saturday, February 27, 2010

Leona Lewis finds skinny dipping 'liberating'

Leona Lewis finds skinny dipping liberating

The 'Happy’ singer admits she and her friends once stripped off and jumped into a swimming pool during a holiday to Portugal in order to cheer up one of their other pals.

She said: 'I was with some girlfriends in Portugal. One of my friends was going through a hard time with her boyfriend, so we thought let’s do something crazy. It was liberating.'

Leona – who has been dating electrician Lou Al-Chamaa for five years - also hinted she may be tempted to follow in Madonna’s footsteps and release an explicit tome, after taking inspiration from the 51-year-old singer’s famous 'Sex’ book.

She said: 'I have always loved Madonna. I was too young for her 'Sex’ book period, but then when I saw it I thought, 'Wow!’ Good for her, if that’s how she wanted to express herself. Would I express myself like that? Well, you never know,'

While she admires Madonna, Leona says there’s one celebrity who has been very rude to her in the past but she refused to name them.

She told Britain’s OK! magazine: 'They were a monster to me. It was someone who I really looked up to, someone who inspired me. They didn’t insult me, it was just the whole attitude they had. I didn’t like it. And you know what? They were like it twice. The first time I was upset, the second time I was like, I’m so much bigger than that.'

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