Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Fratellis split

The Fratellis split

The Fratellis have confirmed they’ve split up after singer John Lawler posted a note on the band’s website.

"We have no plans to work together right now", he said.
He posted his comment on at exactly the same time as bandmate Barry spoke of his past successes with the trio.

Lawler continued "Sometimes things just work out that way. Mince, Baz and I are working on music but not with each other.

"Your passion is appreciated more than we will ever be able to say. We'll forever give our hearts and souls to music and to you guys who want to hear what we do."

Lawler is currently busying himself with Codeine Velvet Club while drummer Mince is playing with metal band Throne o’Diablo.

Drummer Mince has so far remained silent about the split "but is making noise with heavy metal band Throne o' Diablo.

fans paid tribute to the trio on their website with one posting "You guys changed my life. Thank you for the wonderful music, memories and everything else."

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