Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Manic Street Preachers unveil 'This Is The Day video

Email this story Printable version Manic Street Preachers have this morning unveiled the video for their brand new single 'This Is The Day'. The single is a cover of the track originally released in 1983 by The The and features on their forthcoming 'National Treasures' album which is out on the 31st October. Alongside this brand new single, 'National Treasures' also features the band's 37 previous single releases from the last 21 years and 10 studio albums. To celebrate this album's release, the Welsh band will play a very special one-off stadium show at the O2 in London this Christmas where they will perform all 38 songs in full. Tickets for this show which will take place on Saturday 17th December are on sale now from here: 'National Treasures' Tracklisting: Motown Junk, (Heavenly) 1990 Stay Beautiful, Generation Terrorists 1991 Love's Sweet Exile, Generation Terrorists 1991 You Love Us, Generation Terrorists 1992 Slash 'N' Burn, Generation Terrorists 1992 Motorcycle Emptiness, Generation Terrorists 1992 Suicide Is Painless, Theme From M*A*S*H 1992 Little Baby Nothing, Generation Terrorists 1992 From Despair To Where, Gold Against The Soul 1993 La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh), Gold Against The Soul 1993 Roses In The Hospital, Gold Against The Soul 1993 Life Becoming A Landslide, Gold Against The Soul 1993 Faster, The Holy Bible 1994 Revol, The Holy Bible 1994 She Is Suffering, The Holy Bible 1994 A Design For Life, Everything Must Go 1996 Everything Must Go, Everything Must Go 1996 Kevin Carter, Everything Must Go 1996 Australia,Everything Must Go 1996 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours 1998 The Everlasting, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours 1998 You Stole The Sun From My Heart, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours 1998 Tsunami, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours 1998 The Masses Against The Classes 2000 So Why So Sad, Know Your Enemy 2001 Found That Soul, Know Your Enemy 2001 Ocean Spray, Know Your Enemy 2001 Let Robeson Sing, Know Your Enemy 2001 There By The Grace Of God, Forever Delayed 2002 The Love Of Richard Nixon, Lifeblood 2004 Empty Souls, Lifeblood 2004 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough, Send Away The Tigers 2007 Autumnsong, Send Away The Tigers 2007 Indian Summer, Send Away The Tigers 2007 (It's Not War) Just The End Of Love, Postcards From A Young Man 2010 Some Kind Of Nothingness, Postcards From A Young Man 2010 Postcards From A Young Man, Postcards From A Young Man 2010 This is the Day, National Treasures 2011 To be in with a chance of winning 1000 CDs including rare, signed and promotional copies simply 'like' our Award Winning facebook page here! And double your chances by following us on Twitter Follow @MusicNewsWeb For all DVD, Blu-Ray and other film related prizes visit our sister site competitions page here. Good luck!